AI-driven Insights For People, Processes, and Productivity

Zeitworks Analytics Portal puts your finger on the continuous pulse of business operations, offering unprecedented visibility into the performance and efficiency of your team.

Powered by Zeitworks data collection and machine learning platform, our secure analytics portal empowers you with actionable insights for improving your people, processes and productivity. The powerful yet intuitive data visualizations and insights will shine a light into many corners of your operation, identifying where time is being spent and costs are accumulating.

Find out how Zeitworks can transform how you manage and optimize your team and business process operations.

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Fully Automated Discovery and Analysis of Your Business Processes

Deep dive into costs, process and performance metrics & team engagement

  • Gain insights into people, processes, and productivity
  • AI-driven activity and task discovery and breakout
  • Process instance tracking intelligence
  • Application usage metrics
  • Time and cost - pinpoint where resources are spent
  • Team member breakouts and comparisons
  • Process complexity metrics
  • Case completions and rework
  • Top/bottom performer identification
  • Identify bottlenecks, training issues
  • Near real-time reporting on multiple processes
  • Measure the impact of changes over time
  • Identify process drift & creeping inefficiencies

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AI-driven Insights

Zeitworks machine learning technology analyzes your team's continuous activity streams, making sense of the data by uniquely identifying the distinct components and activities that make up your repetitive business processes. Previously elusive metrics identifying where time is spent, true costs and performance are revealed with Zeitworks technology platform.


See and compare how your team members spend their time and resources in many different areas such as applications, processes, and activities. These metrics will help identify bottlenecks, opportunities for additional training, sharing of best practices, and opportunities for process reengineering or optimizations.


We know your business processes can have many properties and attributes that affect execution efficiency, and ultimately cost. These include case type, complexity, state (open/closed/reopened), and sub-tasks or activities. Zeitworks provides time and cost metrics on all of these dimensions, enabling you to locate specific areas in your operations that need improvement.


Productivity insights tell you how and where your team members are spending their time, whether on or off process, active vs. inactive time, by process property (e.g. complexity), etc. Informative distributions of case processing times enable you to drill in on outliers that are causing problems and costing you money.

True Costs

We all know time is money. Finally get a handle on where and how your team is spending their time and ultimately your resources. Time analysis reveals factors such as process bottlenecks, undertrained team members, and difficult cases that increase the cost of running your business. Time analysis also illuminates the ROI of potential process changes and other optimizations.

Application Usage

Learn where your team spends their time across their main tools: desktop applications and browsers. See application usage broken out across team members, processes, and activities. Use this information to easily identify bottlenecks, outliers and other anomalous behaviors that warrant further analysis or optimizations.

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