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AI-Powered Insights for your People, Processes, and Productivity

Zeitworks enables you to maximize the human potential of your team with detailed reports showing actionable insights including trends, bottlenecks, risks, and opportunities. Like a fitness tracker for team productivity, Zeitworks surfaces the information and analysis about people and processes in near real-time so you have the information you need to make better data-driven decisions.

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Deep dive into business process efficiency and team performance metrics in near real-time

  • AI-driven process/activity discovery and breakout
  • Intelligently track specific process executions by ID
  • Time and cost - pinpoint where resources are spent
  • Team breakouts and comparisons, top/bottom performer identification
  • Easily identify and inspect outlier cases that drive up costs
  • Locate bottlenecks, trouble spots, and training issues
  • Continuous improvement - set and track goals, measure the impact over time
  • Granular application usage statistics across teams and processes
  • Powerful efficiency metrics help you locate where and how time is spent
  • Remote work analytics -  Stay on top of team work habits, burnout risk



AI-driven Insights

Zeitworks machine learning technology analyzes your team's continuous activity streams across applications, customer accounts, and employees to make sense of the data by identifying the distinct components and activities, and the flow that represent your repetitive business processes.  The system then analyzes these patterns to help you discover where and how time is spent and the true costs and performance of your team.


Your people are your greatest asset - their capabilities largely determine the efficiency of your business. Sometimes bad habits or lack of proper training can be hiding in plain sight, slowing down your team's throughput. Other times, best practices aren't noticed and shared across the team, holding back their true potential. Zeitworks helps you maximize the human potential of your team by providing powerful insights and comparisons into where your team spends their time across processes and applications.


We know your business processes can have many properties that affect efficiency and cost. These include case type, complexity, state (open/closed/reopened), and sub-tasks or activities. Zeitworks provides continuous time and cost metrics for all of these dimensions, enabling you to locate specific opportunities for improving your business.


We all know time is money. Finally get a handle on where and how your team is spending their time and ultimately your resources. Time analysis reveals factors such as process bottlenecks, undertrained team members, and difficult cases that increase the cost of running your business. Time analysis also illuminates the ROI of potential process changes and other optimizations.


Learn where your team spends their time across their main tools: desktop applications and web applications. See application usage broken out by category and across team members, processes, and activities. Finally understand which applications your team really uses and how long they spend in each getting their work done.


The powerful analytic landscape Zeitworks provides gives you an easily digestible view of your processes and team performance on a continuous basis. Now Zeitworks offers the ability drill into those analytics interactively, so you can see the details of which processes, cases and team members are behind the outliers and other anomalous statistics visible in many of the powerful data visualizations Zeitworks offers.


Easily understand and monitor the behaviors your team exhibits that lead to process execution inefficiencies. Zeitworks offers a number of metrics and visualizations like Context Switching and Data Replication (copy & paste), that illuminate how your team's interaction with and between their applications may slow process execution and cost your organization money.


Turn data-driven insights into actions - now you and your team can create and track goals across a number of different metrics Zeitworks offers, giving you the ability to measure iterative changes and improvements over time. Powerful visualizations show how and where team members and processes are aligned with your goals.

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