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Welcome to the end of lengthy onsite client visits, tiresome activity discovery workshops, inaccurate data, and missing or out-of-date process documentation.

Zeitworks partners with advisory and consulting firms to greatly accelerate the discovery, analysis, and performance tracking work they conduct for their clients.

Chart of distribution of process exectutives

Confidently present your clients with time saving opportunities.

Leveraging Zeitworks’ AI-powered business process intelligence platform, you can confidently present your clients with training, automation, and process re-engineering opportunities - saving you and your clients both time and money.

Near-real-time data access

With Zeitworks, our Partners gain access to near-real-time data on activities and actions as they’re performed by their client’s teams. You will see processes and workflows appear in front of your eyes, at the mouse-click and keypress level of detail.

Chart of distribution of process exectutives
Zeitworks Enabled Offerings

Zeitworks empowers you with data, analytics, and insights on projects related to:

Process discovery and analysis

Lean six sigma, and other data-driven improvement methods

Team efficiency and effectiveness

Cost reduction

Automation and compliance opportunities

Employee onboarding and retraining

Business transformation

Application rationalization

Resource utilization

Change management

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