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Business Process Intelligence for the Insurance Industry

Whether you want to shorten your underwriting cycle time, drive down operating expenses, eliminate fraud or reduce inefficiencies in the claims handling process, Zeitworks is here to help.

Illustration of an overwhelmed underwriter

In 2021, underwriters reported they spend 40% of their time on activities not core to their business.(1)

With Zeitworks, you can quickly identify the administrative tasks keeping your team from producing at an all-star level.

Driving down operational costs starts with identifying outdated applications, process bottlenecks, and inefficient handoffs across your team.

Through the Zeitworks analytics portal, customers can see the unnecessary operational costs eating into their budget.

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Illustration of a family

Fraud costs the US insurance industry tens of billions of dollars each year, equating to roughly $400-700 per family in increased premiums.(2)

Identifying the at-risk parts of your processes is key to decreasing fraud costs for your company and customers.

To improve your processes, you need visibility into outlier cases, inefficient workflows, and unnecessary complexity.

With the Zeitworks analytics portal, those productivity-crippling bottlenecks will be revealed, so that you can help your team focus on the highest priority work.

A graph of the distribution of process execution time
Poor claims process

More than 70% of insurance executives rated the claims process ‘average’, ‘poor’ or ‘very poor’. Yet, claims experience is one of the top reasons for customers churn.(3)

Zeitworks helps customers understand where their team spends time and how efficiently they execute each step of a process. With greater visibility, managers can take a skill-based approach to coaching their employees and permanently remove inefficiencies in the most time and cost-consuming insurance process.

Why Zeitworks?

Zeitworks is an AI-powered business process intelligence platform that transforms your business by revealing insights about how work really gets done, empowering you to continuously improve efficiency, lower costs, and maximize the human potential of your team.

Want to learn how Zeitworks can unlock the human potential of your team?