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Transform your team and business processes with Zeitworks' powerful technology platform

Zeitworks' platform safely observes and collects the actions of your team and business processes to give you the data and insights you need to transform your business

The engine that makes our Data Collection and Processing Pipeline run is comprised of three main components

zeitworks desktop sensor vector illustration

Zeitworks Desktop Sensor

A fitness tracker for your team: Runs in the background on workers' desktops, continuously collecting the activity streams generated as they work without interrupting their productivity

zeitworks secure ml cloud

Zeitworks Secure ML Cloud

Uses machine learning and more to transform the data, segmenting them into distinct tasks, giving you unprecedented visibility into how your team gets work done

Zeitworks Analytics Portal

Zeitworks Analytics Portal

A self-service customer portal where you can access near real-time data, analytics and actionable insights about your team and business

Zeitworks DESKTOP Sensor

We built the Zeitworks Sensor to run passively in the background of each team-member’s Windows desktop - no work is stopped or interrupted.

Data flowing from the zeitworks sensor to the secure zeitworks ML cloud

Our features and capabilities make it easy to deploy and run

The Sensor consists of several software components that capture low-level user events and gestures including a Windows executable (APIs), browser, and application plugins

Installation is simple, available as a downloadable MSI (Microsoft Installer), and works with popular Enterprise Software Deployment Tools (e.g., Microsoft Intune, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager, etc.)

During operation, the Sensor logs data to the local disk, periodically uploading the latest data securely to Zeitworks’ cloud or a server running within your network perimeter. For more information on configuration options, please reach out to us at

Keep sensitive information within your network perimeter - The Sensor can redact or remove sensitive information before uploading data to the cloud. For more information, please reach out to us at

Observe only what you want - The Sensor can be easily configured to include or exclude specific applications that can be specified as on or off-process

The Sensor can update itself automatically, taking advantage of the newest capabilities, without need for IT intervention

No two teams use the exact same suite of tools

We built the Zeitworks Sensor to capture the details of just about any workflow - whether it includes systems of record like Salesforce, Workday, Service Now or Zendesk, or ubiquitous spreadsheets like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets, or other general productivity tools including many web browsers, PDF readers, and virtual environments like Citrix desktop.

What applications are central to your business processes and workflow? Have questions about whether we can support your particular configuration and flow? Reach out to us or a free consultation!

Secure Machine Learning Cloud

Convert the continuous stream of user actions into sequences of activities that comprise your business processes.

The intelligent discovery and identification of these distinct activities from raw data requires a series of analytics and machine learning processing stages that form a pipeline.

Scissors cutting square to represent redact


We believe data security and privacy are critical which is why sensitive information is immediately redacted and discarded before any further processing occurs
(optional on-prem or customer cloud redaction capabilities available)

A cluster of gray circles, orange triangles, green hexagons, purple squares, and silver diamonds


Next, high-dimensional raw data is transformed into discrete events that represent a higher level of resolution and semantic meaning

Three arrows with orange triangles, purple squares, and green hexagons

De-mux/ Sequence

Distinct (and potentially interleaved) process instances (represented by a unique ID) are mined to capture specific work-item journey maps

Segmented green hexagons, purple squares, and orange triangles

Segment/ Classify

Machine learning models then segment and classify the event stream events into distinct processes and activities

In the final steps, processes and activities are aggregated across time, and a number of metrics about Processes, People and Productivity are calculated and can be accessed in Zeitworks' Analytics Portal.


Data and code security are a top priority for Zeitworks’ technology and operations veterans

We take every measure to ensure customer data is secure, preventing all unauthorized access. Zeitworks is committed to a policy of transparency about our security practices and measures and welcomes all inquiries into our policies, methods, configurations, and certifications. See our security page for more information about how Zeitworks protects your data, and implements software, network, and physical security.

AICPA SOC logo badge

Zeitworks is SOC 2 type II certified

Ensure accuracy and quality of customer metrics with the Humans in the Loop (HITL) AI Strategy

With our HITL strategy and tools, a customer success analyst oversees a range of functions including customer onboarding and process analysis, Zeitworks dashboard/metrics configuration, and consulting. The customer success analyst uses Zeitworks’ powerful and proprietary HITL tools to deliver high-quality customer metrics including scalable inspection of raw data, annotation of sequenced patterns and OCR locations, correction of machine learning errors, and validation.

Want to see for yourself? Ask us for a demo of these powerful tools that showcase Zeitworks's scalable technology platform.

Want to learn how Zeitworks can unlock the human potential of your team?