How It Works

We love to talk about all of the ways Zeitworks helps customers - From how it will continuously measure your team automatically without interruption to how it tracks changing behaviors over extended periods of time. We can go on and on about how the way it helps analyze your data, showing important trends like who the top performers are, where the expensive bottlenecks lie, and how much processes really cost, too. The benefits are plenty, but if you’re wondering what’s happening under the hood - you’ve come to the right place.

At the core of Zeitworks technology, is a 5 step Data Collection and Processing Pipeline that safely collects the actions your team takes to identify, analyze and optimize business processes.

The motor that makes our Data Collection and Processing Pipeline run is comprised of three main components:

  1. Zeitworks Sensor: Deployed to workers’ desktops to collect the continuous activity streams they generate as they go about their daily work.  
  2. Zeitworks Secure ML Cloud: Transforms the data and identifies recurring sequences, segmenting them into distinct tasks using machine learning and even a little human intervention.
  3. Zeitworks Analytics Portal:  A self-service customer portal where customers can access near real-time data, analytics and actionable insights about their team and business. 

Zeitworks Sensor

The old way of capturing workflows was a manual process starting with expensive consulting projects that would disrupt your team, take months to complete, and only measure a single point in time. We built the Zeitworks Sensor to run passively in the background of each team-member’s Windows desktop without any complex and time-consuming back-end server integrations.

The Sensor captures user behaviors as activity streams - whether they’re opening a case, onboarding a customer, creating an invoice, filling out a form, or completing some other repetitive task. Zeitworks sensor will capture the sequence of button clicks, text fields, links, and applications events that team members generate as they go about their daily work. With the Zeitworks Sensor tracking automatically and continuously, the system captures processes with 100% real-world accuracy. 

The Zeitworks Sensor has a number of features and capabilities that make it easy to deploy and run:

No two teams use the exact same suite of tools, so we built the Zeitworks Sensor to capture just about any workflow - whether it includes Microsoft Excel, Salesforce, Workday, Chrome, Citrix, ServiceNow or other applications.

Zeitworks Secure Machine Learning Cloud

The Zeitworks Secure Machine Learning Cloud does the heavy lifting of converting the continuous stream of user actions (like clicks, keyboard strokes, and application events) collected by the sensor into sequences of activities that comprise your business processes. The intelligent discovery and identification of these distinct activities from raw data requires a series of analytics and machine learning processing stages that form a pipeline. A few of the key stages that make up the pipeline include:

Humans In The Loop (HITL)

AI and ML are great for delivering results quickly, but there’s still no substitute for the human touch when it comes to understanding and verifying critical aspects of your business. That’s why an important part of Zeitworks Secure ML Cloud includes our HITL (Human-In-The-Loop) AI Strategy to ensure the accuracy and quality of customer metrics. 

With HITL, a customer success analyst oversees a range of functions including customer onboarding and process analysis, Zeitworks dashboard/metrics configuration, and consulting. The customer success analyst uses Zeitworks’ proprietary HITL tools to deliver high-quality customer metrics including scalable inspection of raw data (esp screenshots), annotation of sequenced patterns and OCR locations, correction of machine learning errors, and validation.  

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