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Have a question about Zeitworks? Please see our growing list of FAQs below

What kinds of questions can Zeitworks answer for me?  What is the end goal you’re trying to help me achieve?
Are you going to tell me a bunch of stuff I already know?
Is Zeitworks a tool for any type of employee in any organization?
How does Zeitworks help measure information about process and productivity without workers feeling like they’re under surveillance?
Is Zeitworks helpful to any sized team?
What types of data do you collect?  Is any of it sensitive?  Can I configure Zeitworks to ignore certain applications or websites that are for personal use?
I am excited by what Zeitworks can offer our organization, but how do I overcome the concerns of our Security and Legal teams?
Does Zeitworks stop or disrupt employee work or productivity during the setup/onboarding process or on an ongoing basis?
How long does it take to get up and running with Zeitworks?  Are there lengthy integrations required? When can I start seeing value?
I want to automate some of the processes my team performs manually.  Can Zeitworks help me with that?
What computer platforms or operating systems does Zeitworks support? Does the Zeitworks software sensor run on Macs?

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