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Finally Discover How Work Really Gets Done

Most companies are rife with expensive and opaque backoffice processes. But everyone struggles to understand how work gets done. The majority of operations teams and processes cannot be improved and optimized because they are undocumented, unmeasured and misunderstood.

Learn how AI-powered business process intelligence technologies from Zeitworks will empower you and your team with data and insights that will transform how your work gets done, helping to reduce costs, boost capacity and maximize the human potential of your team.

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About the book

Before a repetitive business process can be optimized, streamlined, or automated, it must first be discovered, quantified, and understood.

Learn how Zeitworks can illuminate and measure how your team actually works, giving you the insights you need to reduce costs, boost capacity and enable continuous improvement of your people, processes and productivity.

Zeitworks is foundational, providing the data and insights needed to take action, including:

Make data and insight-driven process changes

Unlock continuous improvement practices

Streamline application usage and costs

Optimize work assignments based on performance

Identify automation opportunities

Provide data-driven team training and behavior change

Measure compliance and adherence

Keep your finger on the pulse of remote team productivity