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Chrome Extension Data Policy

Chrome data collection

The "Zeitworks for Chrome" browser extension collects selected browser page content for each page visited such as page URLs and page titles along with certain browser activity such as button names clicked, field names selected, etc. Zeitworks is an enterprise solution and as such, the Zeitworks for Chrome Extension will not provide any data to Zeitworks from individual computers that are not part of a Zeitworks enterprise deployment.

Chrome data use

Zeitworks uses Chrome browser activity data to provide business process discovery and analytics. The extension assists in collecting business process and task execution data from SaaS applications and other process steps executed in the browser.

Security practices for data storage & transmission

Within minutes of being collected, Chrome activity data is sent encrypted via HTTPS from customers’ machines to Zeitworks secure cloud services where it is stored encrypted at rest using AES-256. Chrome activity data is deleted on customers' machines immediately after being sent.

Data retention and customer control of data

After 30 days Chrome extension data received from the sensor may be permanently deleted from storage; this timeframe may be adjusted based on the specific Zeitworks customer agreement and account settings.

At any time, the enterprise customer can request to have all collected Chrome extension data permanently deleted.

The summarized insights and reports generated from the analysis of Chrome extension data will be retained according to the terms of the Zeitworks customer agreement. When the enterprise’s Zeitworks customer agreement terminates, their customer data (including of course any data collected by this extension) will be deleted from storage; and only unidentifiable aggregate statistics may be retained.

Data deletion requests should be sent to: Deletion will happen within one business day of receiving the request.

Contact our security team

As always, if at any time you have questions or concerns regarding the safety of your data, please contact our security team:

Last revised: 15 March 2020