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Discover How Work Really Gets Done

Reduce costs, boost capacity & continuously improve efficiency with AI-powered business process intelligence

Product details

Let's face it - You can't fix what you can't see

Reduce costs by transforming your business with previously invisible data and insights

Understand desktop-based process structure and execution variability across your team, pinpoint where resources and time is spent and how much it costs. Tap into desktop and web application usage patterns helping you to simplify your processes and reduce unnecessary license fees.

Boost capacity by identifying bottlenecks as well as process improvements opportunities

Easily identify and inspect problematic outlier behavior or process steps that drive up costs. Like a fitness tracker for team productivity, Zeitworks surfaces the information and analysis about people and processes in near real-time so you have the information you need to make better data-driven decisions.

Continuously improve efficiency even as personnel and processes evolve

Zeitworks analyzes the performance characteristics of your team, illuminating both best practices as well as opportunities for further training. Set a baseline and then stay abreast of process execution drift and creep over time. With Zeitworks quietly observing in the background and dynamically analyzing your team’s productivity, you can stay on top of your business even as it changes day to day.

As teams and managers strive for digital transformation, one universal truth holds fast:

You can't fix what you can't see.

Using automated data collection and AI, Zeitworks empowers you to make data-driven decisions based on the work your team does each day. By intelligently identifying your team’s activities and generating customized reports, Zeitworks delivers transparency so you can answer questions like:

"How can my team be more productive?"
"How can we prevent costly errors?"
"Who are my top performers and what do they do differently?"
"Which processes will benefit most from automation?"
"What are the bottlenecks in my process?"
"Which improvements have the highest ROI?"
"Are the improvements I'm making working?"
"What are the true costs of our processes?"

Measure, Analyze, Improve, Repeat - It's Easy!

Zeitworks observes and identifies work patterns, automatically mapping, measuring and improving desktop processes. It does this without interrupting productivity, requiring slow-moving and expensive consulting engagements, complicated IT integrations, or learning arcane software tools. This happens across three main platform components:

Teams Use Zeitworks to Improve Hundreds of Repetitive Processes Like:

  • Billing and billing adjustments
  • Invoice Payment
  • Order processing
  • Returns processing
  • Employee Onboarding
  • Vendor Set-up
  • Configuration and price quoting
  • New customer onboarding
  • Claims processing
  • Payment Processing
  • Risk Management 
  • Lead Qualification
  • Underwriting 
  • Vendor Compliance
  • Internal Auditing
  • Account Review
  • Customer Support
  • Application Processing
  • KYC
  • Call Centers

The Zeitworks Advantage


Passively observing user actions and data flows across applications, Zeitworks shines a light on critical business processes so teams can focus on the things that matter most.


Zeitworks measures, analyzes, and reports what you need so you can make data-driven decisions about cost effectiveness, process bottlenecks, and team performance.


Using the power of data and AI to identify and prioritize optimization opportunities, Zeitworks continuously provides insights into process and team improvements even as your business evolves.


Easy to get started, Zeitworks automatically maps, measures and improves every business process without complicated IT integrations or expensive and slow consulting projects.

“Zeitworks has been able to shine a light on how our team really spends their time; helping us validate some of our hunches and establish benchmarks to evaluate how our process and technology improvements are helping our teams work more efficiently and effectively.”

– Jeremy Ames, Co-Founder & CPO of Guidant Financial


Zeitworks gives you the operational intelligence and actionable insights to drive efficiency, comply with regulations, and improve the bottom line.